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Keep Your Cool And Wallet Full Shopping Air Conditioning Online 23 Jun 2017, 1:30 pm

Flights were recently canceled in Phoenix, Arizona, when temperatures were forecast to hit 120 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s crazy hot. Bad time for your AC to go out to say the least. When it’s too hot for planes to fly, you don’t want to leave the house for anything.


Now, total control over temperatures without stepping outdoors is within your power, thanks to Air Conditioning Online.


online air landing


Air Conditioning Online is a website where you can find a wide variety of heating and cooling products at wholesale prices – a marketplace where you can shop solutions, score great savings, even finance purchases.


Site guests can browse on their own or enlist the help of an expert on hand, via call, email or online chat for maximum convenience. The website also features handy tools such as a sizing guide, systems match ups, and efficiency advice to help you find the right solutions.


User-friendly search by category makes browsing a cinch, while practical filters for considerations such as price and manufacturer enable shoppers to quickly zero in on items of interest.


What exactly can you find? Here’s a sample of the systems Online Air Conditioning provides:

  • Air Conditioners
  • Gas Furnace
  • Heat Pumps
  • Ductless Heating & Cooling
  • Electric Furnaces
  • Split A/C Systems
  • Ductless Air Conditioning

Consumers can also shop for a number of filters and accessories and other products, including humidifiers and dehumidifiers, pumps, thermostats, UV lights, pleated filters, HEPA filters, air cleaners and more.


Low prices are one of the biggest draws of the website. Online Air Conditioning spotlights clearance items as well as blowout sales in addition to its wholesale prices. Being online, of course, consumers have access to a wider variety of products at great discounts than they would by just sourcing from local vendors.


What’s more, Online Air Conditioning offers an extra 1% savings merely for ordering online. The company ships across the continental U.S. and offers free shipping for orders over $500.


Regardless if you’re in the market for commercial or residential systems, Online Air Conditioning has the answers you’re after. They can even help you design custom systems. From showcasing a range of products to extending different payment options (credit card, Paypal, check, wire transfer, e.g.), Online Air Conditioning is designed with flexibility, convenience, and fantastic deals in mind.


No guarantees you’ll make it off the tarmac, but if you want to find the perfect heating and cooling solutions at the right price, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for at


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Scrapbox – Note Taking For Teams Is Not Just For Breakfast Anymore 13 Jun 2017, 5:30 pm

Organic collaboration. A web tool that supports teams, let’s them do what they want, that’s all but invisible – that let’s them do more without having to do or learn more… Creating such a tool has become something of a quest for the holy grail. A quest that might have ended at last with the tool everyone has been waiting for: Scrapbox.


Scrapbox is “a new style of note-taking for teams”, the “self-organizing space for your ideas, work, and collaboration.”




Scrapbox is designed to let teams design live, on the fly, and to make the absolute most of content without imposing restrictions or structure. A live editor allows participants to work together, brainstorming and editing without requiring endless back and forth communication, multiple tools, or loads of documents.


With Scrapbox, team members can add links and images, turning scraps into documents – content that’s available for multiple purposes (internal, social media, e.g.) and ready to ship. By basing work in plain text, contents can easily be transplanted into CMS platforms or sent using other apps employed in typical workflows.


Links and hashtags serve as a glue between documents, providing context and making them easily searchable – again without layering on more filing and yet another filing system.


example 2


Need to write in code? Scrapbox supports that. Want to keep everyone informed via Slack? Scrapbox is integrated with Slack notifications. Whether you’re looking to create, discuss, or learn together, Scrapbox establishes a space where you can do as you please more fluidly.


A quick glance at a homepage makes the latest updates highly visible. Finding relevant pages is as simple as searching by date, topic, link, tag, etc.


Another great feature of Scrapbox is that it’s flexible enough to use for work on numerous kinds of projects, be they design, marketing, or personal oriented. For meeting notes, budget reports, schedules, product mock ups, presentations, press materials, original articles, or you name it – you can work on all such pages efficiently when using Scrapbox.


Pitches, research findings, sprints… Why spend time trying to find a different tool for each effort? Try directing more collaborative energy into actually getting more work done than on figuring out how you’re going to collaborate.


Scrapbox is the creation of Nota Inc, a company focused on web sharing services, that is “working to make communication on the web more natural, fluid, and direct.” To learn more or to get started using Scrapbox, visit


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How to Start Valuing Your Time as a Business Owner 10 Jun 2017, 10:11 pm

I recently interviewed a millennial millionaire for my podcast and the idea of valuing your time as a business owner came up in the conversation.

My guest pointed out how one of the biggest mistakes he sees in the online business space is business owners undervaluing themselves both in pricing their services and valuing their time.

I myself have struggled with this in the past. I’ve also helped several of my business coaching clients start valuing their time more as well.

Signs That You’re Not Valuing Your Time as a Business Owner

There are several signs that can indicate that you’re not valuing your time as a business owner, however, the most obvious sign is that you’re overworked and underpaid.

But what exactly does overworked and underpaid looked like as it pertains to running a business? Here are some clues to help you out:

  • You’re still broke at the end of the month.
  • Clients are extremely demanding even if they aren’t paying you much.
  • You’re starting to resent your work.
  • You know that other people out there are making more money than you doing the same thing.
  • You have loose boundaries.
  • You say yes to everything and find that you’re spinning your wheels.
  • You’re doing everything yourself.

If you see yourself in any of these circumstances, then you’re probably not valuing your time as a business owner. While it may sting a little bit to realize you’re in this situation, there are things you can do to ensure that you do start valuing your time more.

Base your pricing on value, not hours worked.

Many freelancers and beginning business owners make the mistake of pricing their services based on an hourly fee. Even if they don’t tell the client this is what they are doing, they sometimes still use an hourly structure to come up with a package price.

One of my mentors helped me get out of this vicious cycle so that I would start valuing my time more. She said, “Base your pricing on value and impact, not hours worked.”

Because the reality is that if your business or service is providing major value or impact for your clients, then you can’t really quantify that by hours worked. So instead, you determine your pricing based on results. 

This one tid-bit helped me completely rearrange my coaching structure and packaging. I’m already going to be earning more revenue from one coaching client this year than I did from all of my coaching clients in 2016. I also already have others waiting in the pipeline and price isn’t even an issue for them.

In other words, in order for you to starting valuing your time as a business owner, you actually need to forget about time and start charging people based on value, impact, and results.

Be more mindful of what you say “yes” to.

Another way to start valuing your time as a business owner is to become more mindful of what you say “yes” to.

At the beginning stages of a business, it’s appropriate to say “yes” to every opportunity, event and project that comes our way because we’re just starting out and need to get out there

However, there comes a time in which saying “yes” to everything has the negative effect of devaluing your time and earning less money.

The key is to determine when that time is and start becoming more mindful of what it is you agree to. Because when you start saying “no” to things that don’t make sense for your business, then you have more time for the things that do make sense for your business.

For example, I constantly get requests to be a guest on podcasts or offer free trainings as a part of a telesummit. There was a time in which saying “yes” to all of them made sense, however, now most of them either just get in the way or don’t give me enough ROI for my time.

So now whenever one of these requests comes in, I have to take the time to think about whether or not it makes sense instead of immediately jumping to a “yes.”

It may seem simple, but this one action can greatly improve the way you begin valuing your time as a business owner.

Start delegating.

The problem many business owners face when valuing their time is that they take on too much themselves.

They either feel like they have to do everything themselves because they have control issues, don’t want to spend the money to hire people to help them, or stills see themselves as a person with a skill instead of a business owner.

However, if you want to make it in business and learn to scale, there comes a time when every business owner needs to start delegating.

Again, this simply frees up their time so they can prioritize and focus on the important stuff that will actually lead to more money.

For example, at this stage in my business, nearly everything for my own blog is outsourced so that I can focus on creating content for existing clients, build systems and offerings to increase revenue, and take a sales training class which will help me make more money. Those are the only three things I’m focusing on in the present.

If whatever is being asked of me doesn’t fit with those three things, I’m either handing it off to someone else or I’m not doing it period.

Use systems.

Another way to start valuing your time as a business owner is to start using systems to scale. At this stage in the online business game, you can automate a lot in an effort to free up your time so you can focus on more important stuff.

For instance, the webinar I’m currently using to move people into booking a consultation with me is automated. It literally looks like I’m hosting a live webinar a few times a week thanks to software that helps me scale and automate. All the emails before and after said webinar are also automated.

Final Thoughts

Valuing your time as a business owner isn’t complicated. In fact, it’s easier than ever thanks to tools, systems, and experts that can help you scale your business. The rest is just a matter of mindset and deciding to start valuing your time.

How to Start Valuing Your Time as a Business Owner was originally published on Due Time Tracking by Amanda Abella.

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Digital Purchase Order – Purchase Orders Made Super Easy 9 Jun 2017, 1:30 pm

Purchase orders. Do the words make you cringe? Do they call to mind tedious paperwork and processes, missing items, constant managing of supplier data? Then Digital Purchase Order is for you.


Digital Purchase Order (DPO) is “the fastest and most simple approach to manage your purchasing workflow.” With DPO, you can create and approve purchase orders from anywhere. DPO software is available via the web and mobile apps, providing you secure and convenient access to your POs, 24/7. Real-time expense updates ensure that the latest information is always at your fingertips.


main image


DPR allows you to establish your approval chain online for greater convenience and flexibility. After entering in the fields you wish to have included in your POs such as department, supplier, supplies, etc., and creating however many approval levels you need to complete POs, you can then sit back with your purchasing process on autopilot. Using DPO, the average approval takes less than five minutes.


In the company’s own words, “Digital Purchase Order streamlines your complete approval process. Tell DPO how your approval chain works and the purchasing software will take care of the administrative work and circulation of purchase orders.”


Businesses benefit from having over 200 customizations at their disposal, which enables them to tailor the software to manage purchase orders in a way that best enhances each business. In other words, it can be as simple or as sophisticated as businesses need it to be.



DPO supports attachments and all currencies, and is available in multiple languages, which makes it useful for conducting business anywhere, with anyone. Companies can generate branded reports, including their terms and conditions, and can easily export data into a CSV file to continue work outside of DPO.


Having lists of suppliers and vendors in one location, in addition to your complete purchase order history, saves time searching for information and prevents unfortunate events such as misplacing orders or needing to reenter information. Timestamps on activities are just one other way that DPO keeps all activity transparent and traceable.


The effectiveness and ease of use of Digital Purchase Order have made it the #1 Award Winning Purchase Order Software between 2013-2016. Early on, Steven Spielberg used DPO for the “Bridge of Spies” shoot, which led to it quickly being adapted by most Hollywood studios. DPO is now relied on in over 15 industries operating in over 30 countries.


Tired of purchase order headaches? Learn more or get started using Digital Purchase Order software at


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Digital Purchase Order

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Feast On Great Food And Great Deals Using Forkspot 7 Jun 2017, 1:30 pm

Here is a motto that speaks straight to my heart, as I’m sure it does for many fellow food and beverage fans: “every hour is a happy hour.”


And it is a happy hour indeed, when you can find great deals without trying – which is exactly what the Forkspot app is all about. Forkspot provides on-demand discounts the moment you enter restaurants, bars and coffee shops.


phone app1


Finding nearby deals is as fast and easy as it gets with Forkspot. It shows you current deals in the vicinity, based on your location, and it automatically informs you about real-time discounts when you walk into an affiliated establishment.


Forkspot also feeds answers for that often agonizing question “What should I eat?” by offering instant recommendations left by real, verified reviewers. This saves hungry customers from painful, time-consuming deliberations, and spares staff loads of time answering menu questions – which means that more people can be served more efficiently and restaurants therefore make more money.


Food rankings help people to beeline for great dishes. They also allow restaurants to easily find out what their customers do and do not like eating.



Efficiency helps restaurants win in another important way. Rather than spend on big ad campaigns that target people who may or may not become paying customers, Forkspot gives them a way to connect with their audience and only pay for marketing that generates business. This arrangement, which Forkspot likes to call the “Pay Per Walk-in” advertising model, costs restaurants only $0.55 to $0.99, and guarantees that restaurants get 100% conversion on their marketing dollars as opposed to paltry 0.05% for traditional ads spend that typically walks through the door.


Another thoughtful feature that goes an extra step beyond other restaurant discovery apps is a ride-fare comparison between Uber and Lyft, so customers can easily find a cheap ride to and from their restaurants of choice.


Grigori Mikayelyan, CEO of Forkspot, told KillerStartups, “…I truly believe we are reinventing the way people discover new restaurants and order their meals. We are helping consumers save time and money while also helping restaurants grow and serve more customers. It’s a win-win!”



The company has started out in LA, where it came flying out of the kitchen after a 15-week sprint build, and is currently on pace to add over 1200 local restaurants to the platform by December. The app has already attracted thousands of users.


Learn more details about the app and company at or download the app from either the App Store or Google Play.


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What is Depreciation and How Does it Impact my Business? 6 Jun 2017, 12:00 pm

When businesses buy a large asset for their company, it gets a place as an asset on the balance sheet. But the accounting that happens behind the scenes is much more important than lines on an accounting statement. What is depreciation? How does it impact my business?

Depreciation impacts your current year business profitability. How you handle depreciation and accumulated depreciation may be the difference between a big tax bill and a lesser one you hardly worry about.

What assets require depreciation?

If you buy something disposable for your business, like printer paper or printer ink, that is treated as an expense. Calculating your business net income and taxes requires subtracting expenses from revenue. A lower net income means lower taxes, so in some ways having bigger expenses helps your business save money. For example, if you make $10,000 per year as a side hustle freelancer and spend $1,000 on your business annually, you only have to pay taxes on the $9,000 profit.

When you buy a tangible asset for your business, like a printer, computer, machinery, or property, they will be a part of your business a lot longer than the disposable printer paper and ink. These become a business asset, and are listed as an asset on your balance sheet.

When you buy an asset for your company, you may be tempted to write the entire amount off as an expense and move forward. However, according to IRS regulations and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, or GAAP, you can’t just write off the entire expense at once. Instead, you can expense a portion of the cost every year based on the cost and expected useful life of the asset.

Straight line, ACRS, and MACRS

The IRS and GAAP offer three different methods to depreciate an asset and claim the expense. These are the straight-line method and accelerated depreciation methods, known as ACRS and MACRS.

In straight line depreciation, you divide the value of an asset by the useful life and expense the same dollar value every year. For example, if you own a construction company and buy a $100,000 tractor that is useful for 10 years. At the end of its useful life you expect you can get $10,000 selling it used. In straight line depreciation, you calculate the depreciable value ($100,000 – $10,000 = $90,000) and divide by the useful life ($90,000 / 10 years = $9,000) to calculate the annual depreciation. In this example, you can write off $9,000 of expenses every year for the 10 years you operate the equipment.

The IRS and accountants realize that, like a new car, most assets lose most of their value the first year, then a little less every year going forward. To compensate for this, they created ACRS, or the Accelerated Cost Recovery System. In 1986, the IRS introduced MACRS, the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System, which is the most popular depreciation method today.

MACRS offers a depreciation schedule for different assets based on their useful life. For example, a 3-year asset has a different depreciation schedule than a 7-year, 10-year, or 20-year asset.

For the tractor we bought for ten years in the example above, the MACRS schedule offers the following depreciation table:

  • Year 1: 10.00%
  • Year 2: 18.00%
  • Year 3: 14.40%
  • Year 4: 11.52%
  • Year 5: 9.22%
  • Year 6: 7.37%
  • Year 7: 6.55%
  • Year 8: 6.55%
  • Year 9: 6.55%
  • Year 10: 3.28%

Over the ten years, you can depreciate 100% of the asset less the salvage value or resell value at the end. Ultimately you get the same dollar value in tax savings as expensing the entire asset up front, but there are some downsides to appreciation for business owners.

Take the expense as early as possible

You know the saying, “a dollar doesn’t get you what it used it?” There is a lot of truth to that statement. Thanks to inflation, our hard earned dollars are worth a little less every year. The same powers that led a gallon of gas from a few cents a gallon to a few dollars per gallon are constantly at work in our economy making our dollars steadily less valuable.

Because of this economic phenomenon, you are better off to earn, or a save, a dollar today than you are in the future. If inflation is 1% per year, for example, your $1 that use used to purchase that tractor is only worth around .90 cents after a decade. This makes it better to expense an asset than depreciate it, but the IRS doesn’t always allow that.

This is why MACRS is a great compromise. Business owners want to expense an asset 100% in year one. The government wants assets expensed over the entire useful life. MACRS gives some benefits through accelerated depreciation that lead to a win-win for both sides.

When in doubt, hire a professional

Does all of this accounting mumbo jumbo have your head spinning? Fear not! That’s what keeps accountants employed. The rules and regulations around accounting for assets and depreciation are quite complex. If you handle them incorrectly, it could end you on the wrong side of an audit or an IRS penalty. If you have any major doubts that you are not handling your books properly, it is best to hire a professional to take care of it for you.

However, there is no secret code to MACRS and accumulated depreciation. If you can get up to speed, there is no reason you can’t handle all of this, along with the rest of your self-employed taxes, on your own. I have done my own taxes for four years running, and I’m not planning to go back any time soon.


What is Depreciation and How Does it Impact my Business? was originally published on Due by Eric Rosenberg.

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 4 Jun 2017, 12:00 pm

One of my mentors has a great motto that I’ve started taking to heart, “Delete, Delegate or Automate.” I actually hear myself saying this a lot in an effort to automate business processes in 2017.

The premise is simple. When you start feeling overwhelmed in your business, you can probably find things to delete (scrap all together), delegate (hand off to someone else) or automate (use software to help you).

I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m on a systems kick in my business. In fact, I’ve learned how to automate businesses processes on the consulting and teaching side of things. While I’m certainly no expert (yet) and while I don’t believe you can automate absolutely everything in a business, some colleagues and I are getting pretty damn close.

Here are some tools you can use to automate business processes so you can have more of your time back.

Automate the Sales Process

There are so many tools you can use to automate business processes, but I would argue that the most important tools are those that help you automate the sales process. More specifically, use tools that help you automate your customer map, or the process they undergo until they finally purchase something from you.

Here’s an automation I’ve been working on for the last few weeks to give you an idea:

  • Run FB ads to an opt-in like an email template for pitching media.
  • Lead opts-in and gets a 5-day series of enticing emails that tell a story.
  • Invitation to a “live webinar” where I teach the principles of building your influence online.
  • Recording of webinar that looks live.
  • Offer to set up a free 30-minute strategy session.
  • Lead opts-in to strategy session and is automatically taken to an application.
  • Based on application answers, they are directed to my calendar where they can schedule a time to speak with me.

Once I get them on the phone it’s simply a matter of seeing whether or not they are a good fit for retainer consulting. What I’ve noticed is if they’ve made it that far into the funnel, they are usually a good fit because in a sense they’ve been pre-qualified.

Now, that is a major chunk of the sales process that I’ve automated using different tools like email marketing and webinar software.

Here’s another example of what it looks like to automate the sales process:

  • Drive traffic to “live” webinar that occurs multiple times per week.
  • Lead opts in to a specific time for the “live” webinar and “Thank You” page either has an upsell or an invitation to join Facebook group.
  • Prospect now gets emails as if their webinar is going to happen live.
  • Webinar happens and it really does look like it’s live thanks to software like Everwebinar.
  • Upsell at the end of webinar for a digital course.

This is one of the ways I plan to automate business processes later on in the year. The reason I know this works is because many of my colleagues already use it. Additionally, other than the initial setup, this can all run on autopilot. This means I can generate passive income and also get more of my time back so I can focus on private coaching clients, students and content marketing clients.

Again, all you need in terms of tools is an email marketing provider and webinar software that let’s you run Evergreen webinars. While the best software can be pricey, if you look at it from the perspective of how many sales you need to make to break even it can be totally worth it.

Automate Your Emails

Another area in which you can automate business processes is with your emails.

For example, I have a colleague who is a photographer and  has his sales and emails set up in this way:

  • Drive traffic to website for specific seo. In his case, “product photography [city]”
  • Lead submits and email through contact form which is connected to his CRM.
  • CRM sends an automatic reply that looks like a real email to the new lead.
  • They set up a meeting from there.

You can also automate other parts of your email marketing, such as automatically sending out an email to your list every time you publish something new on your blog. Or, you can set up an autoresponder series that prompts readers to take certain tasks.

Depending on your CRM, you can also get super granular and detailed. For example, I automatically send a survey to someone who opts-in to my blogs email list. On that survey, they choose whether they want to continue receiving business content or personal finance content. From that point forward, they will receive a series of emails based on what they clicked on.

Automate Your Calendar

Automating your calendar is essential to running a business in the 21st century. Quite frankly, it’s annoying and time-consuming to have to email back and forth to set up meetings so you’re better off using a scheduler that sends automatic follow-ups for you.

Here’s how it works in my business:

  • Lead gets calendar link (usually after they’ve gone through one of my funnels).
  • Lead schedules time and inputs information.
  • From there they receive email and text reminders of meeting.

I especially love the texting feature of my scheduler. This one trick alone has increased the number of people who actually show up to content marketing consultations.

My scheduler also connects to my CRM so we can track who already had a consultation and what part of the sales funnel a potential customer is in. It also sets a tag so that individuals who’ve undergone a consultation get specific emails catered to them.

Automate Your New Client Onboarding

Here’s another way to automate business processes: use email marketing software to automate new client onboarding.

When I close a new retainer consulting client, they get tagged in our system. From there they get a series of emails which help them with the onboarding process. It also sends them helpful resources and answers to any questions they may have.

Again, this is a major time saver and helps us add a special touch for new clients.

Final Thoughts

With all the tools available at your finger tips, you can automate business processes all you want. My team and I have personally found it super helpful as it saves us time and helps us earn more money.


4 Areas Where You Can Automate Business Processes was originally published on Due by Amanda Abella.

The post appeared first on KillerStartups.

Fly Your Emails To The You Know Where With MoonMail 1 Jun 2017, 1:30 pm

So, you want to put your business into a higher orbit by launching email marketing campaigns?


MoonMail is offering to be your NASA, providing “one of the most scaleable email marketing platforms on Earth, with simplicity at its core.”


moonmail landing


With MoonMail, you can create and launch a campaign a day, sending up to 7,500 emails per month and reaching up to 250 recipients per campaign, absolutely free. For managing larger volume, monthly subscriptions begin at a fixed $19.99 + $.02 for every 1,000 emails sent.


Just as in the space race where primates were the predecessors to more thrilling missions, MoonMail clearly intends to rocket beyond MailChimp. Offering superior affordability and flexibility are just two ways that they look to do so.


With a MoonMail paid plan, you can send an unlimited number of emails to an unlimited number of recipients. Basically, you pay (a reasonable price) for what you use. You also gain a number of tech features over MailChimp that have been designed to enhance your interactions and help you make more money. For a more detailed comparison of MoonMail with MailChimp, click here.


Drag-n-drop interface enables you to quickly assemble and edit a wide variety of emails. Once built, you can deliver emails using MoonMail open source or Amazon’s cloud network.


Statistics? Check. Email verification and list cleaning? Check. MoonMail uses AI to take the hassles out of maintaining your list and to reduce bounce-back rates.


Recover checkouts for Shopify accounts? Check. Automated responses? Check. MoonMail gives you the ability to send emails triggered by events, and to make rapid adjustments to your campaign. The system is geared to help you more precisely target different segments of your audience.


Multilingual live chat support? Check. An affiliate marketing program? Check. Houston, we are go for launch.


Creating materials, storing and managing client lists, measuring the success of campaigns, calculating costs – email marketing can feel a lot like, well, rocket science without the right tools. End-to-end, MoonMail simplifies the process of engaging your audience and minimizes the effort involved in running successful email marketing campaigns.


MoonMail empowers you to send highly customized emails to the right recipients, and keeps you out of spam folders with AI-fueled tools. Spend less time tending your contacts and programming sends and more time on other parts of your business. To get started marketing like a pro – without breaking the bank – or to learn more, visit


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Luvr Arms Cupid with Video to Shoot Romance Back into Mobile Dating 26 May 2017, 1:30 pm

When it comes to dating, surprise can be wonderful. Deception, on the other hand, is never good. Unfortunately, misleading photos, catfish and other shenanigans have made us all a bit jaded in regard to online dating – a bit more reluctant to open ourselves to surprise.


But there is a potent weapon against all the trickery that will allow romantics and flirts to let their guard down again and explore the dating scene with gusto: video. And the startup that’s using video to perfect effect is called Luvr.




Luvr is a mobile dating application, available for iOS and Android, that uses video in a few ways to bring the perfect matches together. For starters, users record a short video clip of themselves for a bio. When two people express mutual interest, they can then send one another flirtatious, disappearing videos. This gives people a way to get to know someone slightly more, while being creative and having fun, without having to exchange personal details quite yet.


“One of the great things about video is that it allows you to pick up on subtle nuances about a person’s personality, their mannerisms, their sense of humor, and other traits that tell you much more about who that person is and what they’re actually like versus a static photo that might be several years old and not an accurate representation of who that person is today,” said Luvr CEO Oliver Buckley.


When both parties desire to brave more intimacy, they can have one-on-one, secure video chats via Luvr. Tiered levels of video interaction ensure that everyone can participate within their comfort zone at all times.


luvr app screenshots


To help build even greater confidence that what you’re seeing is an accurate representation of a stranger, Luvr timestamps all photos and videos, so you can rest assured that images are up to date. Another feature, Dual Swipe Verification, adds an extra layer onto the familiar swipe left/right function to give users up to three times more information about a potential match than would other dating apps.


And just in case it’s not abundantly obvious that the creators of Luvr have thoughtfully addressed the major shortcomings of dating apps, they’ve also gone to the trouble of incorporating 15 levels of filters to help people find solid matches.


Buckley adds, “More and more, people are taking advantage of video as a go-to medium when it comes to interacting with their social groups. Whether that’s on Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, you name it. With Luvr, we’re simply applying that capability to the mobile dating scene to give people the added benefits it delivers over the limitations of today’s photo-only alternatives.”


Better odds of great match, more genuine and dynamic video interactions, enhanced layers of safety – for these good reasons and more 200,000+ users have signed up for the app in just a few months since launching.


Luv is in the air. Learn more about Luvr by visiting


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Save Money Every Time You Pay With Mobile App CrayPay 23 May 2017, 2:30 pm

You are about to hear a very compelling reason for making payments with your mobile phone instead of your credit cards: there’s a new mobile payment app that saves you money every time you pay.


It’s easy to use. And it saves you money. It’s secure. And it saves you money. It opens opportunities for additional discounts and promotions. And… it saves you money.


The app is called CrayPay, and it’s absolutely free for iOS and Android users. It’s a fantastic tool for businesses, as it allows them to avoid the credit card processing fees that eat into profits. Plus, the platform provides businesses with the means to market directly to consumers, extending offers and special promotions.




Everyone appreciates savings and convenience. CrayPay is easy for consumers to use. When it comes time to make a payment, they enter the amount due into the app and CrayPay generates a redemption code. Customers then give the code to the cashier (or at an online checkout), and the bill is paid.


To begin making payments with CrayPay, you link an account to the app, however, CrayPay doesn’t store any banking information on your phone. So if you lose your phone, your personal data is secure. Touch ID or pin entry to open the app before making payments adds another layer of security, so customers can shop with confidence, both offline and online.


Thousands of national brands and regional locations already accept payment through CrayPay, including the likes of Amazon, AMC Theatres, Old Navy, and Red Robin. Through the CrayPay app, businesses can quickly reach consumers with on-the-spot incentives, giving customers a new way to discover local deals.



CrayPay heaps savings on top of traditional reward programs by offering points on money saved. Consumers score wins multiple times. First, they save money on all of their purchases. Then they score whatever rewards benefits are attached to their account. And, the more that they use CrayPay, the more savings points they accumulate, which eventually enables them to access even bigger incentives.


With online and automatic payments, it’s grown extremely easy for us to pay little attention to our banking accounts. Too easy for many of us. And we lose sight of the bigger financial picture. CrayPay puts the spotlight back onto savings, something we all care about and can rally behind tracking more closely.


Safe, easy, and it saves you money. Ready to begin making payments with your phone and keep more money in your wallet? Psyched to offer your customers a better way to pay and eliminate credit card processing fees? Sign up for CrayPay beta at


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Vergify – Making Business Better With Simple But Powerful CRM Software 18 May 2017, 1:30 pm

Live chat, email marketing, surveys, events, blog posting, phone calls… the tasks on an entrepreneur’s plate are endless. Everyone is aware of this, which is why there’s a near infinite number of tools available online for handling each part of a business. But start grabbing for a new tool as needs arise, and before long, managing a bunch of services and apps turns into its own job.


Ask yourself, is your business overdue for simplification? Isn’t there some way you could free up more time to focus on the most pressing matters? Could you streamline your workflow and accomplish tasks more efficiently? And more affordably?


Vergify wants to supply the answers to all of these questions. Yes, all of them. Vergify is all-in-one CRM software for startups and small businesses.




“We help businesses focus on their clients while growing their business with features like Lead Management, Lead Forms, Email Marketing, Live Chat, Online Discussion, Survey Creator & Distribution, Email Integration & Services.”


Vergify gives you a clear view into your entire operations with an intuitive dashboard, and keeps the different aspects of your company within easy reach. Instead of paying a fortune for separate services, Vergify equips you with virtually everything you need to run your business, while sparing you the tedious process of integrating analytics, calendars, comment sections and more.


And Vergify is free for up to two users, for managing up to 100 clients – including a number of chat sessions, survey responses and mass emails. Beyond the freemium subscription, Vergify is reasonably priced at $25 per month, per user.


Straightforward pricing is easy to appreciate. Tight organization can help you to stay focused and manage your schedule better. Having so many features connected in one place – that has game-changing potential.


Only the coders out there want to invest time in building a live chat or making a space for conversation on their website. With Vergify, these important tools for interacting with customers in timely fashion are readily available. So, you can improve your communication and spend less time on figuring out how to reach your audience.


Things like client information, payment pages, and invoicing are just a couple clicks away. Basically, Vergify makes it easier to attend to your customers and not lose sight of  opportunities – having frank discussions, extending special offers, soliciting feedback, etc.


Based in the cloud, Vergify was founded “with the vision of providing exceptional products for startups and small businesses that would help them succeed.” Looking to make life better for your business and to engage customers more effectively? Get started by signing up at


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Stop Sharing Data For Free And Get Paid Through Ourdata 16 May 2017, 2:30 pm

If an oil company wanted to drill on your land because there was an untapped reserve beneath your feet, worth millions, billions of dollars, would you let them drill out of the kindness of your heart, without getting paid a cent?


ourdata landing


Of course not. You’d expect a huge payout and begin spending the majority of your time interviewing message therapists and deciding what tropical island to call home. Yet, every time nearly each and every one of us goes online, someone else is savoring an ocean view courtesy of profits from the oil most of us fail to claim as our own – our data.


But that’s about to change.


Ourdata is a Benefit Corporation founded on the idea that consumers should be paid for their data. On the surface, Ourdata offers an ad or content blocker, currently available as an iOS app and Chrome browser extension (with an Android app coming soon). Ad blockers are hardly new. Here’s what separates Ourdata from the others: it is the only content blocker that pays you. Yes, you, the consumer.


ourdata image


Ourdata functions like a union. You consent to use them as your only ad blocker. In exchange for joining the community, they negotiate on the behalf of members with data-driven companies (like Google and Facebook) that already gather and use consumer data. Advertisers and publishers pay for the privilege to access your data. You can either block ads, or you can agree to see ads and share data. In the latter case, Ourdata then shares the financial rewards with you.


They pay out 90% to their consumer customers. As opposed to you normally receiving zilch.


The bigger the community, the more leverage Ourdata has to negotiate – tantalizing companies with a larger pool of valuable data. And since growing the community is key, Ourdata is offering more shares to those who sign on early. The sooner you join, the more money you earn. You can also increase your slice of the pie by having your friends sign up.


Data has become so valuable that it may well be worth more than advertising, as it allows businesses to target customers with much greater accuracy than traditional ad campaigns. We’re talking billions on the table. The only question is will you have any say as to where the money goes?


To enlist Ourdata to advocate on your behalf and get paid for your data, sign up or download the app at


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Best Productivity Hack Ever? The Hangover Drink 11 May 2017, 1:30 pm

In an episode of the Showtime program Billions, the boss’s wife shows up at the office – after a night of team partying – with a squad of nurses who administer IV drips to a hungover staff. The scene is a comic/sad statement on our burgeoning on-demand service economy as well as on the lengths to which hedge firms are willing to go to keep their competitive edge. What makes bit particularly absorbing is that the picture of an office performing well beneath usual capacity after a night of excess is all too familiar.


first photo


Ours is a drinking culture, and one that accepts feeling terrible the next day as a price to be paid for a really good time. Trouble is, we often don’t think beyond the personal agony of our own headache, fatigue, nausea and unquenchable thirst.. when our US economy loses over $170B a year due to hangover-caused productivity loss.


Ouch and ouch again. Wouldn’t we all like to say goodbye to hangovers?


The makers of The Hangover Drink certainly think so, having ventured as far from their Silicon Valley base as Korea to research cures, where they gained valuable knowledge of your soon to be favorite drinking buddy that they now use in the formulation of their drink.


The Hangover Drink is made of all-natural ingredients. It will come in 100ml glass bottles, which can be stored safely for two years. And by consuming The Hangover Drink during or after imbibing, you can wake up with “little to no hangover.”


thehangoverdrink package


Sounds like magic, but this one-stop hangover cure is actually rooted in science. The key active ingredient, Hovenia Dulcis extract (Japanese Raisin Tree), contains Dihydromyricetin (DHM), which has been known for centuries to have properties that improve liver function.


Basically, DHM helps the liver flush alcohol from the system faster, before toxins build up and cause debilitating hangover symptoms. DHM also helps the brain rebound quicker from drinking alcohol. A proprietary blend of other natural ingredients – including vitamins, electrolytes, prickly pear extract, the amino acid Taurine, and milk thistle – help to “hydrate our body, restore vital nutrients, and counter the effects of inflammation in our body after a night of drinking.”


Your brain, liver, body and coworkers will thank you.


Want to metabolize alcohol faster and less painfully? All you have to do is practice moderation until the first batch of The Hangover Drink goes on sale in June, because the first 200 samples, unsurprisingly, were snatched up quickly. Learn more about forthcoming products or join the waitlist at


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Is Content Marketing the Marketing Strategy that your Business is Missing? 9 May 2017, 4:16 pm

Content marketing is one of the best ways to help let people know about your company and raise awareness about your brand, product or services. It differs from regular advertising and marketing where the company is actively trying to promote or sell a product or service. Content marketing is less direct.

It is more of a long-term strategy that is based on building up a relationship with potential customers by giving them high quality and relevant content consistently.

In this post, I will teach you content marketing and the marketing strategy your business is missing.

But What is Content Marketing?

The name “content marketing” has become widespread within the last decade, but what is content marketing? Content marketing is a new marketing strategy that involved creating various online content that is relevant to a company’s field without directly promoting their brand or service.

For example:

 A company that creates surfboards and gear might develop content such as a blog post on various surfing locations complete with high-quality related images.

This content is relevant to their field and will spark the interests of people that surf and will be interested in surfboards and gear. It stimulates interests and indirectly develops brand recognition and trust.

There are many different types of content marketing, a few popular methods of content marketing are:


An infographic is a long, vertical graph or document that is packed full of visual information such as statistics, graphs, charts, images and other information.

Blog Posts:

Blog posts are a passage of writing that includes personal opinions and showcases knowledge around different topics that are related and specific to the business.


Email is a strategy that sends information out to people that are interested. A way to maximize this strategy is to send out unique content that meets the needs of the target audience.

Adding in elements such as humor, personal touches and tips are all things that will make people open the email rather than letting it sit in their inbox unread.

To discover more methods of content marketing, check out the following infographic courtesy of my company, Skilled.

proven content marketing tactics

The Simplicity Behind Content Marketing

The idea behind content marketing is that when the target audience decides that they want to make a purchase, they will have already decided that they want to use your company.

Their loyalty already lies with you. They feel like they know the company well and will not even question going anywhere else. Content marketing helps to show your customers you care about them, and you are not just trying to get their money.

You are providing them with something of value for free, and in return, you will also get something of value back at some point.

Another way to describe the concept of content marketing would be to describe its process:

  • Step 1: Is to create valuable content.
  • Step 2: Is to share the content with people that might be interested in it.
  • Step 3: Is Brand recognition and trust that is associated with the created content.
  • Step 4: This can convert content readers into customers and eventually into repeat buyers.

Of course, it cannot just be any random content, the content needs to be relevant to your product or service you are offering. The idea being that the customer will want to read, watch or listen to the content.

The customer will choose this path rather than being forced to — which is often the case with everyday advertising. You are trying to get people to trust you enough to do business with you by educating them about your business.

Content Marketing Today

Today, content marketing is used by an incredible 86% of all businesses, sometimes without them even realizing it. It is important to note that not all content marketing is successful, some content marketing comes across as just needless content or too salezy.

To be successful the content has to be of the highest quality, but more importantly, it has to be relevant and about something that the target audience wants to know about.

When you have achieved this, you will know about it, as the audience will want to get more of your content by subscribing to your content or sharing it with others. Soon you will grow a loyal following for your business, and it doesn’t have to cost the company much at all.

Sure, there are businesses that will add quality content for you at a high rate, but there is nothing stopping you from creating content yourself for your own business.

The key is to keep the content going out to those who want it — consistently. A good example of this is blogging. If a company blogs sporadically then the audience will not know when the next set of content is being released and may lose interest.

If they know when the next set of content is being released, they may even wait for it. 82% of marketers that blog every day have claimed that they gain at least one customer through their blog, compared to 57% who only blog about once a month.

Research has shown that visual content is more successful compared to content that does not have any visual elements.

Around 90% of the information that comes to the brain is visual, so it makes sense for this method to work best.

This is why infographics are currently a popular form of content media. Readers can get a lot of information from it in just one glance, plus it is easy to pass around to others that may find the content interesting.

How to Distribute the Created Content?

One of the best ways to distribute content marketing is through social media. Facebook and twitter are good as it is where people go to pass the time, yet the most popular platform is LinkedIn.

89% of B2B marketers use the LinkedIn platform as a way to distribute their content, which makes it the most effective and used social media platform.

However, over the past 2 years, content on Facebook has increased by a huge 57%, most notably in the form of video content. YouTube is also a good way to distribute content as potential customers can subscribe to your YouTube channel and be notified when there is more content.

There are so many ways that companies can utilize content marketing, they just need to find the best method that works for them and gets them results.

Content Marketing can be very individual and some types of marketing work best for a certain number of one type of business while other types of content marketing will deliver better results for other types of businesses.

It can often be a trial and error process until you find the perfect content marketing combination for your business. To find out more about content marketing and how it can work for your brand or business, take a look at the adjoining infographic created by the team at


Is Content Marketing the Marketing Strategy that your Business is Missing? was originally published on Due by Colin Cieloha.

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Why Branding Your Invoices Can Make a Huge Difference to Your Bottom Line 6 May 2017, 2:03 pm

Invoices are one of the most important documents for business owners. They ensure that you get paid for your goods or services. They’re used when it’s time to file your taxes. And, they can help boost your brand.

As Amanda Abella perfectly stated in a previous Due post, “The reality is if you want to make money you also need to spend time building your brand.”

The Importance of Branding

Branding, as defined by Entrepreneur, is the “marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products.”

A strong brand is how others perceive you, which in turn, will impact your business in the following ways:

  • Clearly shares your business’s message, values, and goals.
  • Develops your reputation and increases recognition so that customers will remember you. For example, having a memorable logo will help you stand out from your competitors.
  • Builds trust. A professional appearance legitimizes your business, which makes you more credible and trustworthy.
  • Generates new business through referrals, word-of-mouth recommendations, and demonstrating that you’re a leader within your industry.
  • Inspires employees who are proud to work for a company that they share values with.
  • Supports your advertising and marketing efforts since it helps you narrow down your audience and what channels to promote your business.

How to Brand Your Invoices

How to Brand Your Invoices

An effective branding strategy involves a unified approach. In other words, you should be constantly branding your business wherever you can, such as your social channels, emails, and even your invoices.

Thanks to platforms like Due, it’s easier than ever to generate customized invoices that boost your brand’s awareness, as well improve your bottom line:

  • When you create a well-designed and professional invoice that is free of errors, you set yourself apart from other businesses, which should help make your bill a top priority to get paid.
  • Demonstrates the value that you have brought the client. For example, including an itemized list of services that you provided shows the client exactly what they paid for.
  • Colors, fonts, and a logo not only different your business, they make you appear more professional. Additionally, they influence the client to pay your invoice on time. We’ve found that you are 3x more likely to get paid if you add a company logo to your invoice. Furthermore, almost 85 percent of consumers cite color as the primary reason they buy a particular product, and 80 percent of people believe color increases brand recognition. Make sure that your invoices appearance matches your website, social channels, and other content so that’s consistent and recognizable across the board.
  • In the comment section, thank the client for the opportunity and share what you learned from working with them, ask for their feedback or if there are any additional projects, and include a link to a helpful resource. These tactics help you learn more about the client, secure future work, and prove that you’re an authority figure within your industry.


Why Branding Your Invoices Can Make a Huge Difference to Your Bottom Line was originally published on the Invoicing Blog by John Rampton.

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Diets Are Dying, goEvo App Is For Everyone Wanting To Live And Eat Healthy 3 May 2017, 1:30 pm

What good is a diet if it makes you feel miserable? All the time. About yourself, about life… Doesn’t matter if you stay within an ideal range of calories, if you temporarily drop a few pounds – if you’re unhappy, the diet is a failure. And this truth points to an open secret that everyone knows but won’t admit: Dieting doesn’t work.


The goEvo app takes an entirely different approach to weight loss. It’s “not a diet. It’s a tool for people who want to lose excess weight, get fitter and lead a healthier and ultimately happier life.”


goevo landing


Another open secret: Eating healthy and exercise are fundamental to wellbeing. We all know this. We just need the kind of support that goEvo offers to condition our brains and bodies to accept this knowledge.


Rather than focus on food, goEvo puts mood and habits under the spotlight. The app helps users to track moods and recognize emotional food cues that lead to unhealthy eating. Eating that piece of chocolate cake at a birthday party should bring you joy. A bad day at the office should not result in you scarfing down an entire cake. By creating awareness for our eating habits and the emotional triggers that cause overeating or eating unhealthy foods, goEvo guides us toward altering our behavior so that we develop healthier eating patterns.


To accompany the tracking and learning components of the app, goEvo provides access to experts and other resources in real time – when those unhealthy cravings hit and you most need a voice other than your own to steer you in the right direction. With goEvo, you gain access to support from nutritionists and fitness consultants.


goEvo also furnishes hundreds of tasty, balanced recipes and fun workouts. Forget about the proscriptive diets – nonsense like no fat or low carbs. And, yes, you read that correctly, fun workouts. Time to re-learn that fitness is about play, creativity, and feeling good. goEvo offers simple and quick exercise videos for anyone, including a variety of activities such as yoga, boxing, soccer and martial arts. No more joyless workout routines that serve more as punishment than promotion for better quality of life.


The creators of goEvo explain: “A lot of issues with health and eating come down to cultural norms, both at a family level as well as the wider social level. These are instilled in us from a young age and stay with us through later years unless we deal with them… We know that dieting doesn’t work in the long run … The cycle of dieting, losing weight, then regaining it can leave us feeling hopeless and guilty. But this is not the fault of dieters. The problem is the diet culture.”


“The only way to get rid of excess weight and keep it off is by changing the way we think and feel about food and our bodies. That’s how we can end our dieting cycle for good and that’s what goEvo is all about.”


The startup is gearing up to launch the goEvo iOS app. Sign up to their mailing list for the launch at and automatically be entered to win a Nutribullet Blender plus two wellness book titles: Eating Well Made Easy and Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World (total prize value: $120.00USD).


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Does your Business Need its own Credit Card? 2 May 2017, 10:00 am

Business and lending have gone hand in hand for centuries, but for some businesses, the decision to open a credit card or apply for a loan is not an easy one. Some business owners have had their own struggles with debt or watched as friends or relatives worked to pay off large credit card balances. But just because you have had negative personal credit card experiences does not mean you should avoid them for your business. Whether you are a

Whether you are a solo freelancer or a startup CEO, a business credit card might be a valuable tool to grow your bottom line.

Manage cash flow and liquidity

Every month, businesses have cash go through the door and out. While you can’t force your customers to pay sooner, you can use credit cards to pay later. Most vendors want to be paid right away, but your credit card is no ordinary vendor. If you pay a bill today with cash, you no longer have that cash for other bills, savings, or business needs. But if you use a card, you don’t have to really pay a dime until the credit card bill is due.

Depending on the time of the month, you can enjoy two to six weeks interest-free before you have to pay your credit card bill. If you put all of your purchases on a credit card, or a couple of cards, you can break up your major cash outflows for the month into a schedule that works best for your business.

Build your business credit score

Just like people, businesses have credit scores. While the most popular credit score for individuals is the FICO score, developed by the Fair Issac Corporation, businesses are generally graded on an A to F scale like you were in high school.

If your business never borrows and never uses a credit card, you won’t have a business credit score at all, however, you can pay a fee for a credit assessment from a company like Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, or Fitch. Startup Nav offers free business credit scores so you can see how your business is doing today. Nav offers Experian and Dun & Bradstreet scores.

Startup Nav offers free business credit scores so you can see how your business is doing today. Nav offers Experian and Dun & Bradstreet scores.

Earn valuable rewards

My newest business credit card is the American Express Business Platinum. This card came with a targeted offer for a massive 100,000-point signup bonus (current public offer is 40,000 points at the time of writing) if I could spend $15,000 in the first three months I had the card. I did spend that amount and got the bonus. In the months since I have built up a balance of over 200,000 points in my American Express Membership Rewards account. (This is a screenshot from my account.)

I have earned millions of reward points and miles as a travel hacker, and thanks to those miles have enjoyed free or cheap trips to London (twice), Paris (twice), Amsterdam, Vancouver, Lisbon, Spain, Israel, and destinations dotting the entire United States.

Credit card deals change all the time, so be sure to search around for the best business credit card offers before you sign up for a new card.

Float your inventory to keep cash in the bank

If you run a business that sells physical goods or needs to keep an inventory, you might be able to “float” your inventory on credit cards to preserve cash. This use case is similar to the idea of cash flow management discussed above, but with a twist.

If you can buy an item and sell it for a profit before the credit card bill is due, you can hold the inventory interest free without putting out a big cash outlay. Of course, that credit card bill will come due at some point so you do need the cash available, but if you are in a cash crunch and need to get by, this strategy can make it work.

Beware common credit card pitfalls

While credit cards have numerous benefits, they are not without their drawbacks. Banks issue credit cards to make money, not as a charitable service for business owners. Keep that in mind each time you use your card. Here are some other issues to look out for and avoid:

  • Missed and late payments – If you miss a payment or pay late, you will have to pay fees around $20 to $30 per occurrence. In addition, you may trigger a higher interest rate and hurt your credit score at the same time.
  • Interest – If you pay your balance in full every month, you never have to pay credit card interest. If you ever make a minimum payment or anything less than the entire balance, you do have to pay interest. Most credit cards charge interest rates between around 7% and 29%.
  • Bad spending habits – The worst thing you can do is treat your credit card like a blank check. Never spend more than you need to and absolutely never go over your budget!

Credit cards can be a great fit for some businesses

If you have a history of being responsible with your credit cards and have a strong grasp on your business finances, you can safely open a credit card, reap the rewards, and enjoy the benefits. However, if you have a tendency to overspend or forget about bills – autopay is your friend – credit cards may not be right for you.

How do you use credit for your business? Share in the comments below!

Does your Business Need its own Credit Card? was originally published on Due Payments by Eric Rosenberg.

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How to Escape Feelings of Inadequacy When It Comes to Your Business 29 Apr 2017, 9:28 pm

It happens to even the best entrepreneurs. You get a killer business idea or turn a passion into profit and start working for yourself.

You find out that running a business may or may not turn out to be what you thought it would be but it is rewarding after you put in lots of effort and countless hours of work.

Yet and still, it’s easy to feel discouraged and inadequate when you don’t meet certain business goals or if it takes you longer than you anticipated to accomplish something.

Feeling “meh” about your business sometimes is normal seeing as it’s common to run low on steam or compare yourself to someone who seems to be doing better than you but it’s never good to maintain feelings of inadequacy if you truly want to be successful. You have to work to get rid of the downer of these thoughts.

To escape these negative feelings and get back on track, keep these three actionable tips in mind:

Never Compare Your Beginning to Someone Else’s Middle or End Results

One of the main things that you can you feel inadequate about when it comes to your business is when you compare yourself to other people in your niche. There is probably always going to be someone who seems to be doing better than you or they seem like they are working harder than you are.

While you can use the success of others to motivate you and inspire you and get some tips from them to help you — you should never take their actions to heart. You are not them and they are not you.

Comparing is pretty much a waste of time and effort because everyone starts their entrepreneurial journey at different times and has their own unique situations to deal with. If you just started your business a year ago and you’re comparing your success to someone who has been running their business for 4 years, that’s pretty unfair to yourself and a good way to bring on discouragement — and you don’t need that.

The person who has been running their business for several years longer than you has time to make mistakes and learn through trial and error while you may not have had that much time. Remember that you are on your own path and try not to let other people’s timeline affect you.

Get a Coach

Running a business can be lonely at times and you may find that you need lots of support and encouragement for the ups and downs. If you are constantly feeling stuck, you might want to consider hiring a coach or mentor to help you break through and get clearer on your mission or vision.

Having a coach is also great for accountability. For example, if you’ve been meaning to publish a book for years now, your coach or mentor can hold you accountable for that goal so you can actually start making progress on it.

A coach or mentor can also help you identify new strategies to improve your business and personal success, especially if they have already reached the level of success that you wish to obtain.

Focus on One Thing At a Time

If you are feeling like you never get a chance to finish any of your big projects or put enough attention to detail into them, try to slow down and focus on one thing at a time.

It has been studied over and over — Multi-tasking hardly ever works because it pulls your attention in a hundred different directions and can actually slow you down.

If you have big moves to make with your business, map everything out on a calendar and business plan, and focus on each item one-by-one. Once you’ve completed a project and you are pleased with the results, then you can move to the next thing. Remember that you do not have to be 100 percent pleased. It will help move you along more quickly to find the “good enough” ground. Remember, good — and good enough — not perfect. Perfectionists tend to move slower and often discourage themselves into a slump.

This may seem to be a slower way to do things, but it is more effective and will allow you to feel more accomplished in the long run.

Summary: Acknowledge Your Progress and Focus

Feelings of inadequacy often stem from insecurities that may or may not even actually exist. Your first step to overcoming those negative feelings are to take a step back and acknowledge your progress made thus far.

Recognize and celebrate your wins both large and small, then move forward by choosing one or more of the three action-based tips mentioned above.

Remember to stay focused and shy away from letting what others are doing influence how you measure the worth of your business. Focus on your own path.



How to Escape Feelings of Inadequacy When It Comes to Your Business was originally published on Due by Chonce Maddox.

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Truly See Your Industry’s Landscape with Competitive Intelligence Software – Reveal 28 Apr 2017, 3:00 pm

There are weapons, and there are weapons made with plutonium. Well, there is competitive intelligence, and there is the competitive intelligence made by Knowlium.


Knowlium is the maker of the competitive intelligence software called Reveal – a product that “accelerates your digital strategy with real-time competitive insight.”


reveal landing


Here’s a quick rundown of what the Reveal competitive intelligence software covers:

  • Brand Monitoring
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO Analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Influencer Analysis

Which is to state matters very very simply. You must have a look for yourself to appreciate the comprehensiveness and sophistication with which Reveal processes data. If you want simple scores to understand your market position compared to competitors, this is your tool. If you want to stay current with your rivals’ every move and better understand each facet of your rivals’ reach, this tool is for you.


Companies love to describe their analytic tools as having ‘powerful visuals’ that make complex data easier to grasp. In many cases, the display is underwhelming. Reveal provides the real deal. One could easily guess that the graphs, charts and other visual aids that Reveal produces took teams weeks to assemble. But it isn’t humanly possible to gather intelligence and report it so effectively, and maintain constant watch, as does Reveal.


If you’re determined not to miss any activity or important signals, Reveal keeps the stream of intelligence flowing on autopilot – giving you the chance to leverage opportunities quickly and address threats.


And Reveal doesn’t skimp by any measure. When it comes to brand monitoring, the software watches social media, press, blogs, forums, reviews and videos, search engine rankings and more. It keeps tabs on audience and news coverage and identifies market influencers.


Reveal analyzes content performance, which allows you to see engagement trends. This enables you to adjust your strategy across multiple channels and to make informed content planning decisions.


How do you accurately gauge marketing ROI? Where should you deploy your resources? Are you making progress toward achieving your goals? Reveal has your answers.


Ultimately, Reveal delivers a complete view of how you stack up against the competition. See where you stand next to industry leaders in any area you wish to compare. Follow the KPI targets important for your business, discover competitors’ weaknesses, and keep the edge that will allow your company to continue growing.


Plans start at $99/month and begin with a 30-day free trial. To learn more or sign up for an account, visit the Reveal website here.


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Anyone – Anyone! – Can Make A Free Logo On 28 Apr 2017, 1:30 pm

It’s so easy to get hung up on the details. Don’t get me wrong, they are all important. Your logo, for example, is a key piece of your branding. But should you spend months agonizing over the fonts and icons used in your logo? Should you wait until you can afford a professional designer to create a logo before you go forward with your startup?


If your answer to those questions is “Hell, no!”, then you’ll want to have a look at (MLOF). MLOF is a simple tool that enables anyone to create a free logo in minutes – and not some napkin doodle logo, but a professional logo that will make your business proud.




Making a logo truly couldn’t be any easier than using MLOF’s free logo generator. You enter the name of your brand, enter the category your business falls under, then click “create my logo design.” Within seconds, MLOF generates pages of logo options that you can choose from to download and call your own.


You can see sample results of the logo generator in action below from me typing in “I’m Outta Here” as the name for my imaginary travel company. I know, the name doesn’t exactly scream the next Expedia. It zipped off the top of my head. The point is that it took me hardly anytime at all to go from having just the faintest notion of a company to having boundless logo examples that might help define the spirit of my proposed venture.


free logo examples


MLOF is a fantastic resource for generating ideas if you have none, or if you lack the resources to pay for help. And I must say, if you’ve ever had any idea for a business, it’s great fun and motivation to browse logos and begin visualizing actually turning your dream into reality.


MLOF is also ideal if you have some notion of how you want your logo to look, but lack design skills. MLOF has a growing library of over 6,000 logo designs and 150,000 icons for you to play around with. You can combine designs, search for icons, mix and match until you’ve found your perfect logo. It’s easy to use. And it’s free! You can download and save as many logos as you like.


In their own words, the makers of MLOF say: “Use our Logo Creator to design logos online for you or for your clients. The logo generator is developed in a way to keep things simple for our users but also deliver top quality logo designs and to have almost unlimited options. In a few simple steps you can get free logos.”


Why not? If you want to create a logo – if you’re a designer and need to get the creative juices flowing – dash to and immediately start creating logos.


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