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How to Approach Poker Bluffing – A Few Suggestions 5 Oct 2016, 8:57 am

There are poker gamblers and there are poker gamblers, some like to approach the game without any risky chances while others like to include the element of risk through bluffing. But this later procedure is not for everyone, especially if you are new to poker games. Bluffing actually means to induce your opponents into believing that you have a good hand when in fact it is exactly the opposite.

But the same can go for the reverse situation: you can have a good hand and suggest that you have the opposite of it. Depending on who was your mentor into this, you have good chances to bluff without being noticed but also poor chances into bluffing where your opponents reveal your bluffing. It is therefore very important to know when and where to do this. Throughout this article I will try to suggest some aspects that you need to consider before you venture into the world of poker bluffing and deception.

  • One thing to take into account is the certainty that you have a good technique into bluffing because you wouldn’t want to get caught with it. This will only make you feel ridicule showing others that you are not aware of what you are doing.
  • Maybe the best poker game to try bluffing is Texas Hold’Em because it can be as well played online and you have the chance to bluff only once with every game. It is essential to reach for bluffing as rarely as possible because it is practically impossible to do it each time without being noticed eventually.
  • The right moment to bluff is when you have a good position at the table when you are not the first one to place the bet. This will give you time to think whether to bluff or not until your turn comes to place the bet. You will see what the others move is around the poker table and then decide your move as well: to bluff or not to bluff.
  • In case the opponents before you have folded you can raise the pot irrespective of the hand you hold. Thus the other players will think that you hold a good hand and they will fold for not losing their money. If you know how to continue the betting you will determine them to fold and then you can take the pot.
  • Make sure that the bluffing has a perfect timing when your poker opponents try to find ways to fold. When you place a big bet always show a serious face that indicates you have a winning hand while their hand can not compare to yours.
  • It is very important on the other hand to know your opponents because in this way you can predict their moves, although this cannot be always a way to go around with poker bluffing techniques. Consider that you are not the only at the table who knows these tricks and for this fact everybody will try to be more chameleonic for spreading more confusion related to their style of poker playing.

Playing Live Poker in Las Vegas – Harrah’s and the Imperial Palace Poker Rooms 9 Sep 2015, 7:16 am

Sitting right next to each other, a few doors down from the Flamingo, are Harrah’s and the Imperial Palace. All three hotel/casinos are now part of the Harrahs empire but that’s where the similarities end.

On the site where Harrah’s stands today, the Holiday Casino and its legendary $1.99 breakfast buffets stood in the 60s and 70s. Although inside the casino floor has been renovated dozens of times, you can still see the bones of the old casino.

The Imperial Palace is an Asian themed casino and until recently most of the clientele were Asians. Ornate dragons are carved into the casino ceiling décor, although I’m not sure many tourists look up and notice.

Both venues have small poker rooms and neither is anything to write home about. They both advertise daily and twice daily small buy-in tournaments but neither room can muster more than a few tables each time. For the most part these tournaments turn into glorified Sit-&-Go operations, paying at most three finalists. Getting to the final table is no big deal – when you first sit down you may already be there.

What characterizes the Harrah’s Poker Room more than anything is the chill! The room is completely enclosed in glass and walls, entirely separated from the Sports Book next door and the casino floor outside the doors. The AC is pumped in at a high volume and the air has no where to go. In the summer months, patrons walking around outside and elsewhere with shorts and tank tops on will freeze in here. Bring your sweater; bring your jacket; bring your hat!

The Imperial Palace poker room is a moveable feast. It used to be located on the second floor, at the top of the escalator and to the left, opposite the showrooms. A few years ago it was moved downstairs to the casino floor opposite the small hotel check-in area. A short while later they moved it closer to the front door about 10 feet away from where it was previously. Nothing makes a difference. If there’s one table going, that’s a lot. Tournaments go begging for players and, as you might expect, payouts are small.

If you are a small time poker player, looking for a $50 or $60 Hold ‘em tournament or a $2/$4 limit table, probably you’re better off going into the Flamingo or walking up the Strip to the little poker room at the Monte Carlo. Both have friendly staff, a decent amount of players, and comfortable conditions.

Gus Hansen 12 Nov 2014, 2:23 pm

Famous in the poker world as “The Great Dane”, Gustav Hansen aka Gus Hansen was born in 1974 in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. In his childhood Gus loved to play games like backgammon and made a good level. Gus took the decision that the Danish backgammon market is not enough for him when he was 20 years old. He moved to the United States with the ambition to settle down in Santa Cruz, California. Gus’s dream was to play cards in this sunny place, and he started playing different variations of poker games.

During these years of experience he discovered that his fancy and eccentric style work successful for him, due to his unpredictable and aggressive playing style.

But suddenly, a letter from the Danish military service obliged Gus Hansen to come back as a civil servant in the Danish army. When he completed his duty to his country, the boy from Denmark decided to come back to the United States for another shot of a big score. This time he went to New York instead. Gus felt that his abilities would make him a poker star.

2002 is the year Gus Hansen won his first major tournament win. It was at the Bellagio casino, where the World Poker Tour was held. In this significant poker event Gus showed intelligence and good skills and successfully won the tournament and took home more then half a million dollars. Since than Gus Hansen is one of the most famous poker pros on the tournament circuit.

Gus likes to win and he achieves great tournament results his special and unique playing style. His win list is remarkable and includes the World Poker Tour main event, World Poker Tour Los Angeles Poker Classic, 2003 – third place, World Poker Tour Five Diamonds, 2003 – first place, World Poker Tour Diamonds, 2002 – first place, Aussie Millions, 2007 – first place.

As you can see, Gus Hansen has won multiple major tournaments and is one of few players to have done so, making him one of the most feared players in any tournament. More recently, Gus Hansen added to his long list of major tournament wins by taking down the 2010 WSOP Europe High Roller event.

At the moment Gus Hansen has a big reputation in the poker world. His style of play has a lot of fans, who follow him no matter where he goes. Because of his charm, Gus was listed in the 2004 People Magazines article, 50 Sexiest People. This successful combination of beauty, charm and money makes the ladies dream comes true. Gus loves girls and girls love Gus, but at this exact moment he is single. The answer is his own individual nature and freedom in life. He explains that he does not want to make compromises with his life and that the independence is very important for him.

Gus Hansen is respected by poker players from all over the world with his fantastic abilities and intellect. His remarkable brilliance at No Limit Texas Holdem table is entertaining to watch.

As have other famous poker pros, Gus published his own book with advice and advanced tournament strategy. The book is very suitable not only for experienced players, but for amateurs. In his book “Every Hand Revealed”, Gus analyzes the hands that he played after winning the 2007 Aussie Millions tournament.

As of 2014, his total live tournament winnings exceed $11,200,000.

On October 2, 2012, Hansen was signed again as the first brand ambassador under the new management team of Full Tilt Poker and you can see him playing high stakes online poker on this site.

In the photo: Gus Hansen vs. Obrestad – Mar. 2014

Global Poker 12 Nov 2014, 2:06 pm

The word poker is known by everybody and when someone hears it the mind automatically gives sign of money, fun, luxury and casino. Different games of poker were created centuries ago and they still are on the top of each game list of any online casino. For centuries casinos have been offering poker games for amateurs or high rollers.

Popular poker games are Texas Hold’em, Blackjack and video poker. Online casino is probably one of the best creations made in the past few years and it is gaining popularity by every minute all around the world. Technology and the internet make it possible for online tournaments to be organized. People from different countries from every corner of the Globe log on to various internet casino websites and with the help of the internet they play against each other in several games.

Even though in theory tournaments could be arranged with basically any game, poker games are the ones which seem to be the best for these kinds of competitions. Online poker tournaments are a favorite amongst amateur players also, because they are at home, nobody is watching or bothering them. They can play relaxed and think clearly and calmly during the given time.

The betting system on almost every website now is highly secure and fast. People can make bets in seconds and receive their winnings in minutes, or maybe even seconds. It depends of the website and of the bank you have your account at. One thing is for sure: online casinos are conquering in a very fast tempo and with major help from poker games.

Poker has always been a popular game, but now with online software and high definition graphics, the poker world slowly is transforming into a poker galaxy! Don’t waste time and be a part of the online Global Poker community and have fun! With enough practice and skill polishing, you could be the new champion of online poker tournaments!

The Beautiful Poker Games 12 Nov 2014, 9:53 am

Man likes to play. It is in everybody’s blood. We cannot live without playing. A good way to satisfy this need is by playing casino games. They can offer us a lot of excitement and a mood that cannot be found elsewhere.

Important representatives of casino games are poker games. If we want to put them to a category, they would be in the middle. This means that they are not hard to play, they have simple rules and they are fun. So many people like poker games that it almost hearts. Probably it is too addictive.

In the beginning only the big casinos had poker games, they were important parts of casinos. Poker games made a big journey to reach everybody’s homes. They did it, however, and now almost every people know what they are and they like to play them.

Poker games are beautiful. They have dignity, they cause you strong emotions and they can even make you cry. They are great because they need the player. They cannot exist without the player and the actions of the player. If someone has poker face, it means that he or she lies without any problems. Poker games generate tension and can make watchers feel compassion. A poker player is respected and well known.

After the internet grow strong, online poker showed up. It was like a bomb. After people noticed that they can play poker online, they invaded poker websites. This phenomenon caused poker to become more known. They spread all over the world and concurred everybody.

When casinos saw that people like to play from their home, they made online casinos. After this, poker games became part of them and they became more beautiful in graphics and more realistic. Video poker appeared and made the play even more exciting. In these days they are so realistic, that you feel like in a real poker game. You have the possibility to play against real players and even win money. And now you can do it from home, without having to go anywhere.

Poker is really beautiful. It has a short history, but it conquered the world in a short time. It can be found almost everywhere, even as part of social websites. You can enjoy poker as long as you want and as much as you want. The only thing you have to be aware of is that you can get addicted to it really easy, so be careful. 

Tips for Winning at Online Poker 3 Oct 2014, 4:19 pm

Making a transition to online poker can be a difficult task even for players who are winners in their own card game. Though, there are various tools and techniques, which can help you, to play online poker without any hassle. The first thing that you must start with is by playing at low stakes poker. Even for the player who is used to playing high stakes in live poker, it is prudent to begin with lower stakes online and get familiar with the nuances of playing the game on the internet.

If you start to play the game at low stakes you will be in a good position to play the game on the internet with a small bankroll. This will help you to focus on long term goals. Players who are playing the game online for the first time, should familiarize with all the new aspects they face. Some of the concepts and environments players should familiarize with include rakeback offers, lobby on the website, cashier page and betting features. One feature that makes online poker different is the number of hands that the player will see per hour. The speed is high and it will take some time to get used to it.

It is also vital to make important hardware updates. Coming up with a good playing environment is indeed an important factor. If you play online poker on a laptop while sitting in a sofa set in a crowded sitting room it will lead to distractions. The best place of playing poker is in a quiet place where there is no distraction, maybe in your if you have some spare time. Players who want to play poker the whole day should invest in an ergonomic chair. This will help in reducing back pain. A good quality mouse will help in reducing wrist strain and the time it will take to make action. Tournament players who are most likely to have a short break should make sure to have a bathroom nearby.

When playing online poker it is prudent to make your working area to be a positive environment. Some of the small measures that can help you to create a positive environment include: healthy snacks, a small fridge for cold drinks and a play list of your favorite songs. You can also paint the room and put some flowers or plants, this will help in achieving a more relaxed state of mind. Creating a positive environment for playing the game will also have positive effects like allowing the player to play longer and also helping to avoid tilts.

Using a Poker Odds Calculator – Things to Consider 3 Oct 2014, 4:14 pm

It is true that with poker games, players should rely a lot on their skills and luck, but with the use of a poker odds calculator you can bring this experience to another level. I have been a poker player for a while, but I only used to play this game for fun and to test my skills along with the luck for winning hands.

I have to agree that even playing poker in this manner it’s still an experience that everyone should live at least once in their lifetime. It is the way how the suspense interferes with the game, the way your lucky star shines above you and how good players you have at the table. The experience of the other players will determine the level of challenges that one player has at the table. I have played once with some inexperienced players and I have to admit that the poker game was quite simple with them.

But let’s go back to the poker odds calculator and how can this one help increase your gaming experience. With this tool you will be able to find the chances of winning over a poker game with the given combination. You will be offered with the idea of whether or not you should bet on the hand you have. In this way you can easily minimize the losses. If you start the game with a specific combination, this poker odds calculator will reveal what your odds are to come up with a winning hand when the game comes to an end.

On the other hand you need to understand the techniques according to which this calculator operates. Once you understand its techniques you can make of this poker odds calculator a useful tool into helping you to increase the chances of winning. It is however important to realize that this tool is not working as a definite one in revealing the winnings over the losses, but you have less chances of losing if used in the right manner.

Online Poker Tournaments – Useful Info 3 Oct 2014, 4:11 pm

If you are a poker player who likes being challenged in a completely different way than with any poker table gambling, you may want to take a look at the online poker tournaments that are available for poker enthusiasts. It is definitely a new perspective over the game of poker because you have the chance not only to win big money, but also to play with people from all over the world.

It is interesting to know that these tournaments are presented in different types and before you enrol in any of them, you should take a look at the differences and see which one appeals to you the best. They are not different in their structure but they are as well different in the variations they present for poker players.

The route is as follows: when you want to enrol in the tournament you need to pay an entrance fee in exchange of which you are given with a number of chips. Every player who joins in receives the same number of chips because the fee is the same for every joining player. All the money that is gathered in fees is pooled for the big prize. This is how these online poker tournaments have the money to reward the winner. So, if you want to win the prize, you need to have the biggest number of chips of all. It goes without saying, that the more players join in the higher goes the prize!

Now speaking of differences, there are other online poker tournaments that will only pay a minimum prize regardless how many players have joined the tournament. So, this can be a selection criterion for you: want to a bigger prize, then you must select the website tournament that offers the biggest prize. There are other tournaments requiring a high entrance fee, but they are more commonly known as high stake poker tournaments.

Another difference comes with the variations of poker games. The most favorite one is Texas Hold ’em Poker, but there are also others to choose from, such as: Five Card Draw, Omaha, Caribbean Stud, Seven Card Stud, and so on. The point is that you should stick to the poker game that you know the best, because in this way you have more chances to win the tournament.

Beside the paid online poker tournaments, there are freeroll types where you will get bonuses or all sorts of other promotions if you join any of these tournaments. It is definitely a must for those who are new comers in these types of competitions.

The other notable difference, comes with the satellite tournaments where you have the chance to win your entrance to more prestigious tournaments, which is a challenge for any poker enthusiast player who cannot otherwise afford joining these famous competitions.

A Look At the World Series Of Poker November Nine 23 Jul 2014, 6:01 pm

About a week ago, Mark Newhouse eliminated Luis Velador, earning Luis the 10th place of the WSOP event to make the cut for November Nine. Mark Newhouse is the first to make it to the final table two years in a row since Dan Harrington did it in 2003 and 2004 respectively. Even though his return to the final table is amazing, he is not the only one causing a stir. There is van Hoof who is the second Dutchman to make it to the November Nine. There is also the Norwegian, Stephensen, who plans to use his victory in this event to fight for the legalization and regulation of poker back home. Let’s take a look at the highlights so far:

Newhouse returns

Mark Newhouse’s return to the final table is no mean feat. Let us calculate the odds of returning to the final table of the main event in 2013 were 706-1. With a larger field in 2014, the odds shot to 743-1. Put those together and the odds of making both events become 524,558-1. Compared to Harington’s odds back in 2003 and 2004, it was 20 times harder for Newhouse to make it to the final table back-to-back than it was for Harrington in 2003 and 2004.

Hup Netherlands hup

Holland’s second feature in the WSOP final table may not be as impressive as Newhouse’s back-to-back return but it is no mean feat on its own. The first Dutch man to make it to the WSOP final table main event was Michiel Brummelhuis in 2013. Now Van Hoof is back with the country flag. Van Hoof has lived in both Malta and Dublin and spent most of his time playing Pot-limit Omaha cash games.


Bruno Politano is last in chips with only $ 12.125 Million. He however, probably has more support in the final table than anyone else. He expects about 200 supporters to show up to the Las Vegas event.

Felix fighting for legitimacy

Stephensen only had two live cashes before the 2014 WSOP main event. He primarily plays online cash games using the code name ‘FallAtyourFeet’. He has positioned himself as an ambassador of the game back at home and is entering the final table second in chips with $ 32.775 Million. He has made up to $ 300, 000 in earnings playing online poker.

The misclick heard round the world

Even though Martin Jacobson’s misclick was not that important, his unintended limp from under the gun at the beginning of the unofficial final table of 10 sealed the fate of Team Media at the 25K Fantasy League. He started the final day leading in chips but eventually slid back into the middle after taking a few knocks. By the end of the night, he was eighth in chips and the following day, he admitted that he had meant to rise from under the gun rather than limp. He may have been utterly pushed to this point sharing the table with the best in poker!

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