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Digital Point

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How to put ad higher 18 Oct 2017, 1:49 am

How to put ad higher where is first sentence

Right now I use <div style="display:block;float:left;margin: 10px;">

25 $ Paypal 48h Easy Logo Contest (B/W) for Streetwear Label 18 Oct 2017, 1:12 am

HI Everyone,

I am looking for a logo for my new Streetwear Label "LILITH" (named after the female daemon Lilith).

Here is what I need:

1. Colors: Only Black and White ONLY (needs to be printed on the label of a t-shirt)
2. Not too much graphic, if possible none at all.
3. the T of Lilith should be an inverted cross
4. You can either use "LILITH" only or add "Streetwear"
5. No Cliparts or copyrighted stuff

Will need the logo in PSD (hires) or Illustrator format later and the font(s) used....

25 $ Paypal 48h Easy Logo Contest (B/W) for Streetwear Label

$55 Logo for Antique Gift Shop 18 Oct 2017, 1:02 am

I need a logo for an online antique gift shop called: Unique Vintage Gifts (

I will choose between one of these two Shopify themes:

The pay is $55 via Paypal. The colors on either site will be tweaked to represent teal (blue) and red/pink, like the colors in the attached photo. The deadline is...

$55 Logo for Antique Gift Shop

Need Advice Re. Credit Card Use 18 Oct 2017, 12:22 am

I am in the process of setting up an online drop shipping website. I have almost finished designing the website, using WordPress and have lined up a few drop shippers to supply me with some products, although this is a work in progress, as it will probably be from here on out.

However, starting a drop shipping business presents a conundrum: In order to get many drop shippers to supply you with their products, you need to have established merchant credit; however, because you are just...

Need Advice Re. Credit Card Use

Targeted binary options traffic that convert 18 Oct 2017, 12:04 am

Hi Guys

I am looking for targeted binary options traffic that convert
Ready to pay via paypal
let me know if you have good offer or any info
Specially that accept one popup page

example : I want to advertise my offer below

- ( millionaire blueprint)

- (100% win trading system)

Contact or PM me if you have any offer that accept...

Targeted binary options traffic that convert

$30 Contest ends 10/19/17 17 Oct 2017, 11:58 pm

View attachment 224391 View attachment 224392 View attachment 224393 View attachment 224391 Hello,

My wife is looking for a new logo for her photography business.

Something clean, fresh, and simple with maybe a hint of some floral and botanical elements. The company name is Bloom Photography.

Here are the must haves:
-A watercolor background in a soft blush pink color.
-company name in a script with long "tails" on each end (see attached image for ideas).

$30 Contest ends 10/19/17

Blog commenting for a funny pictures website 17 Oct 2017, 11:50 pm

Hello there,

I am looking to start a new SEO and referral marketing campaign. I am new to this. I understand that targeted websites should be relevant, but what is relevant to funny pictures websites?

Could a website like, be relevant? Do you have any tips on how to keep it not spamy?

Where to start 17 Oct 2017, 11:12 pm

I'm looking for some high level idea/guidance on what to focus on.

1. I'm a senior web developer
2. Have access to a few decent off shore resources to help with development if needed.
3. I have a decent budget if that helps with content
4. Experience with of azure/cloud based technologies.
5. Decent SEO knowledge

Looking to see what someone may try to do if they had technical resources at their disposal.
Kind of a pie in the sky concept.

Thanks for any feedback,

Problem. Can't make payment in clickbank order page 17 Oct 2017, 11:07 pm

Hi everyone!

I'm a complete newbie. I've come across google nemesis salespage & try to buy it. But I can't. Here's what happen. It's already 4 days (since the launch day) I've been trying to make the payment. But I keep getting this
message "Unable to process your order at this time (4)". All I know it's not because of my credit/debit card since I've already cheked with my bank. & I'm successfully make other payment for other produt using paypal. I'm still...

Problem. Can't make payment in clickbank order page

Do you go to the Gym ( Yes or No). 17 Oct 2017, 10:43 pm

Hello dp members,

Do you go the gym regular to fit your self?

Answer in Yes or No !!!!

48 HR. Advertising company Logo design. $40 USD PAYPAL INSTANT 17 Oct 2017, 10:16 pm

We are starting a advertising company that takes a bunch of fliers and stuffs them into clear plastic bags with a door knob hole and hanging them on homes. The name of the company is EZ Advertising. We are opened minded to design and colors. Have fun with it and the contest will run for 48 hours from the first submission post. We look forward to all your designs. We will like every post and leave feedback for every entry. Thanks you check out this contest.

Exclusive Contest $130 in Prizes 17 Oct 2017, 9:47 pm

This contest is exclusive to the following members who participated in my previous contest:

@Sabit Rustemov

We are looking for logos for the following names:

CureActiv - Think medical. But don't use the generic cross.
Innovaze - from the word "innovate"...
Code (markup):
Exclusive Contest $130 in Prizes

Copy Paste Job PR Contacts 17 Oct 2017, 9:26 pm

Looking for someone to compile a list of PR contacts from a press site. Draw up a list of email addresses into a text file. One email on each line. You just need to login to the site with my credentials and go into each company page and copy PR contact email into a text file.

Will pay $15 - There are around 1000 or so companies.

Simple Copy Paste Job

PM ME if interested.

Setup WordPress latest version using an old database 17 Oct 2017, 9:18 pm


I have a number of WP sites and most have been hacked – I am wanting to upgrade all sites to the latest version but still keep the information in the databases – themes also if possible.

Can that be done?


Need Help - Personal website design 17 Oct 2017, 9:13 pm

Hello friends.
I need your advice !
I have make a personal theme two months ago, And now i need to update his design.
I need you guys to look at it and give me your opinions about it and some ideas for the update :oops:
The website design link :
Thanks all ;)
Ps : Sorry for my bad english.

Favorite Sports? 17 Oct 2017, 9:07 pm

Well hey guys this is my first official thread and I figured it would be an appropriate topic on what sports you like since 3 out of the 4 North American professional sports are currently active right now (Hockey, Baseball and Football) I really like baseball and hockey but I prefer hockey the most because of how loyal the players and the league are. So man of the players do amazing things and PK Subban of the Nashville Predators donated a few million dollars to a children's hospitiall...

Favorite Sports?

AdMob PIN verification issue 17 Oct 2017, 9:06 pm


We have an active AdMob account that has earned over the threshold. The PIN verification however was sent to an old address, and is bricked to keep sending to that address.
The address has been changed to the correct address in the account settings, however when going back to PIN verification, it still tries to send to the old address.

We've tried contacting support though this link: But it seems like the forms...

AdMob PIN verification issue

Tumblr Blog Post 17 Oct 2017, 9:04 pm

Hello Everyone,

I've created a blog on tumblr but It is not indexed by google. Is it any easy way to index my blog by google.

Review my tutorial website 17 Oct 2017, 8:59 pm

I just started this tutorial website about Gmail. I know there is a lot of information missing but I have written a couple of articles so far.

Gmail Login

$80 Easy Logos Exclusive Contest! 17 Oct 2017, 8:57 pm

Hello and congrats to all winners in my previous two contests.

Here is another exclusive contest available for invited members only (invited several new talented members!):

@Sabit Rustemov

$80 Easy Logos Exclusive Contest!

Website design programs - recomondations please 17 Oct 2017, 8:46 pm

Hi I am going to be making up a website and I would like to get the opinions of all of you out there which are some of the better free and not free website builders. I was looking at and

I also want something in that is easy and straightforward to use and one that is very versatile in every way.

It was mentioned that the free ones are limited and have all kinds of their own ads.

Any recommendations and help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you Craig

Business Social Networks 17 Oct 2017, 8:39 pm


Does anybody know cool social networks useful for buainess promotion?

Mens Jewelry Brand - $30 - 48HRS 17 Oct 2017, 8:35 pm

Hey Designers,


This one is a more simple than my previous jewelry logo contest.

Brand name: Real Blingy
Definition of "Real Blingy" = very shiny

This is for an urban mens jewelry brand, it could be fun and creative. So have fun with it, and i'll be watching and providing feedback along the way!

Thanks! Official Publisher Thread 17 Oct 2017, 8:35 pm

Welcome to the official thread of a new popunder adnetwork - PopAds.

It is owned and operated by myself. To answer all questions like "is it scam?" before they are asked, please check my iTrader.

So, what can PopAds offer? A lot.
It is the very first popunder adnetwork that uses CPC-like bidding system. We have both - remote and local advertisers. Those remote ones are... Official Publisher Thread

Design Website Images 3 Days 17 Oct 2017, 8:14 pm

Sorry I forgot the Prize which will be $40.
Can a mod edit and put that in title?


This one should be really simple.

We need a new and less blocky images for the right column:

I prefer a completely new image/design rather than an edit of the current mages.

Prefer the images to be in PSD format as this is the only image editing software I own.

Images must be unique and owned by seller, I as the buyer will retain all...

Design Website Images 3 Days

Fibre to Copper Cable Broadband 17 Oct 2017, 8:08 pm

How is it that in Ireland, internet providers can claim to be providing fibre broadband even though the fibre line stops before the house premises?

From the cabinet to the house is a copper wire...which negates the claim to be providing fibre to the home...

The house CAN receive around 36mbps download but our line constantly has "faults", as described by their tech.
I was however talking to a tech from another company and they said they use the lines that my current provider uses...

Fibre to Copper Cable Broadband

Advanced Agency Website 17 Oct 2017, 8:02 pm

Why Do all the work yourself. Let us help you have your own Agency Up and Running. Everything is done to perfection.

All-in-one package for building your agency. Includes premium WordPress site, original content, white label setup, business logo, business card creation, and a one-hour coaching from our business developers to get you started.


  • Full-featured digital marketing WordPress-theme based website
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly design
  • Basic Inner Pages...

Advanced Agency Website

Why Google 17 Oct 2017, 7:55 pm

What do you like about Google and why is it better than other Search Engines?

$20 logo contest - Paypal 17 Oct 2017, 7:36 pm

Need a transparent PNG logo that will fit with my website theme . Need the logo to be about 300x40. Also need the favicon that matches the logo. Will pay $20 via paypal to selected winner.

website: a-t-v-q-u-e-s-t-i-o-n-s dot com (without the dashes)

I reserve the right to pick no winners if I do not like any of the logos. Thanks.

100% Manual SEO Service, PM For Custom Quote 17 Oct 2017, 7:32 pm

Are you looking for SEO service that still works? Have you tried many providers and still not delivering results?

We will help you rank for your keywords/urls using only manual whitehat methods, and suggest any on-site changes if needed. We will help create a link building plan around ranking for your targeted keywords. Work will be done over a month, and you will be provided with reports of links built. We’ll be watching rankings closely, and making sure that every month you are doing SEO...

100% Manual SEO Service, PM For Custom Quote

$20 logo contest - MAIN logo already provided!! Easy job 17 Oct 2017, 7:05 pm

Hey everyone, its been a while since I was on here. Does this forum still do open contests?

Its a super simple job. Please refer to the below graphics. I made this up, but I want it more professional and more unique.

I want different takes on it. Main thing, super professional but also more artisitic and less boring. I DO LIKE how the B is overlaped on the E...Wording can be beside logo or below - both preferred so I can see what looks better.

As with all my contents (I have been member...

$20 logo contest - MAIN logo already provided!! Easy job

Udimi & Purchasing Traffic 17 Oct 2017, 6:59 pm

Hello All,

I am a relative newbie to the online marketing space and wondered if anyone had any experience with paid traffic?

Specifically, I have recently discovered Udimi. Which is an online marketplace where you can purchase traffic.

Has anybody experience with using Udimi?
- Are They Secure?
- Does their traffic convert?
- And any other information

Would be greatly appreciated - invest BitCoin, profit 9-12% per day 17 Oct 2017, 6:34 pm

Short summary:
1. You need to have BitCoin wallet.
2. Register to (I will be very thankfully if you will register as my refferal:
3. Invest BitCoin (minimum deposit 0.001 BTC)
4. Next day withdraw 9-11% profit.

9% Daily:
Min Deposit: 0.001 BTC
Max Deposit: 10 BTC

11% Daily
Min Deposit: 10.001 BTC
Max Deposit: 50 BTC

12% Daily
Min Deposit: 50.001 BTC
Max Deposit: 100 BTC

5% Referral Bonus
Level 1 Referral Commission

2% Referral... - invest BitCoin, profit 9-12% per day

Wordpress Pricing Table Plugin 17 Oct 2017, 6:32 pm

Can anyone recommend a free / low cost wordpress pricing table plugin that offers nice designs?

How much would you charge someone for an average Wordpress made website? 17 Oct 2017, 6:29 pm

I have some people who want me to make their websites for them. I'm trying to determine how much to charge them. After doing some research, I see a wide array of different answers and amounts.

So my question is how much would YOU personally charge someone for you to make a website for them using a Wordpress theme for either their self or their business. Something like this:

or this

$50 Logo Contest for a Viral website - Instant PayPal Payment 17 Oct 2017, 6:22 pm


I need a logo designed for my new website (viral stories) and for social media pages.

I need something simple, something to be easy to memorize, although I do not want to oppress your creativity therefore feel free to express yourself. Have fun with it and the contest will run for 72 hours from the first submission post.

Contest Rules
  • Contest will run for 72 hours but will reserve the right extend it if required.
  • No...

$50 Logo Contest for a Viral website - Instant PayPal Payment

Advertisium - Self-serve ad network with real time bidding 17 Oct 2017, 6:21 pm


I want to introduce Advertisium, a self-serve ad network with real-time bidding.

We offer adult and mainstream ads.
We're a CPM-only network offering competitive prices for everyone.

Publisher features
100% unique
fill rate
Fallback URL for all the raw traffic we can't sell
Multiple payout options - PayPal, Paxum and Wire Transfer (over 1000$).
Stats update every 5 minutes
Popunders and Mobile...

Advertisium - Self-serve ad network with real time bidding

Regular UK Writer Wanted! (Business, Marketing, Making Money) 17 Oct 2017, 5:43 pm


I'm looking for one more long term writer to help us on our new website. It's focused on Business, Marketing, Making Money and so on.

Writing would be anything from Business/Marketing/Money guides, Latest news, Reviews on services or products. You'll understand more once we show you the website. We are UK based currently so would prefer a UK based writer. However US, Canada could be considered as long as you are willing to research when it comes to any UK related content. Currently we...

Regular UK Writer Wanted! (Business, Marketing, Making Money)

Adbuff - Official Publisher Thread 17 Oct 2017, 5:33 pm

Hello Digital Point Publishers!

We are very happy to announce the launch of our innovative AdSense Alternative Ad Network, Adbuff. We are one of the first in the industry to successfully build an RTB platform that connects with over 130 of the largest ad suppliers in the world.

For publishers who are already running AdSense and want to safely supplement, or if you were unfairly banned from AdSense, we are the perfect fit for your site.

We encourage all publishers to give us a try, and to...

Adbuff - Official Publisher Thread

Best sites for hiring freelancers? 17 Oct 2017, 5:24 pm

I have been using Elance as a client for many years but now it has been shutdown (cannot post any new jobs there), after it's been acquired by Odesk(Upwork). I tried using Upwork and absolutely hate the features of this site, everything sucks: user interface, workflow, search for contractors, evaluating skills/reputation... I know about and but didn't try these.

My question here is for people who actually use contractors, not for those who have...

Best sites for hiring freelancers?

what you like most 17 Oct 2017, 5:07 pm

Hello Dear,

what you like most ..............





Do you like cricket? 17 Oct 2017, 5:06 pm

I like cricket very much. Do you like?

How to Optimize a website with images 17 Oct 2017, 5:04 pm

I have started an image quotes website and i need to know the best way to optimize it as it has no content other than images.I am adding quotes in description as well but as you know most of the quotes are not more than 50-150 characters so what are the best ways to SEO images.I have a Facebook page as well with 5k Organic likes and growing but i don't want to share any kind of link on it now or later.Please help

(Training)Bulk email sending system setup step by step, Earn big 17 Oct 2017, 4:22 pm


I am offering person step by step guide to Setup unlimited servers for Bulk Emailing

You can use this system for your own, don't need to pay anyone any more or can setup for your client and earn big

I will Provide:

  1. Step by Step guide to install bulk emailing system, very easy to follow
  2. Emailing tools to install(a script including Interspire, PowerMTA, Maborak addons, Mailwhizz,)
  3. Video Guide on how to use the system
  4. Video...

(Training)Bulk email sending system setup step by step, Earn big

90 days 90 Videos. Just $22 per video. 17 Oct 2017, 3:49 pm

Hello Everyone,

I make amazing 2D animated explainer videos for my clients and here I am offering 90 videos in 90 days @ $22 per video only. You can use these videos on youtube and other tube sites to promote your products or services. You can see examples of my work in the links below.

You can also see my...

90 days 90 Videos. Just $22 per video.

Drawing to Digital Image 17 Oct 2017, 3:46 pm

Need this drawing converted into a digital image. Attached is what client drew up, as an idea for what their sign would look like.

Contest is 24 hours, feel free to add you're own spin on it. It's a sign for a Pie giveaway.

View attachment 224415

Winner will receive $20 via paypal.

I been punished from my hosting 17 Oct 2017, 3:32 pm

Hi all, a good advice will be welcome

I have a dedicate server with this hosting, an expesive one, I will not say the name now or ever

After 7 days of bad support service I complain with the owner of my hosting, I wrote a complaint in the ticket system, I was upset yes because 7 days of not getting the service I paid, but i did not lack of respect ever. After 3 minutes of my complaint my sites went offline, my ticket hasent been answered, my cpannel is not accessible and my SSH access is...

I been punished from my hosting

Unlimited bulk email sending system setup 17 Oct 2017, 3:10 pm


Let me build an unlimited bulk email sending server with Interspire email marketer, PowerMTA & Maborak Addons. You can use it as autoresponder too, can track open, click rate etc. After setup I will send you videos on how to use it, very easy.

Just a one-time fee needed, Than you will get the server ready to send emails. Just need to change IP's, domains etc if needed.

What I need from you:
1. VPS or Dedicated Server with IPs depending on the number...

Unlimited bulk email sending system setup

Quickly design a food truck for $25 17 Oct 2017, 3:08 pm

Hey guys.
Another contest on board for my creative designers.
Details are attached and payment is PayPal as always.

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